Refrigerated Trailer Range

As sole agents for Wörmann GmbH, all trailers are imported directly from the distribution centre in Germany. Wörmann is renowned for producing high quality refrigerated trailers, providing class leading insulation levels to ensure maximum performance.
IceBox offers a wide range of refrigerated trailers to cater for all your needs. 

As one would expect from a market leading trailer manufacturer, the insulation levels to be found in Wörmann refrigerated trailers are .....well, market leading!


All panels, including floor panels, are 60mm thick for chiller trailers and 100mm thick for freezer trailers.  All trailers have food grade GRP surfaces for total hygiene control. For ease of use and safety, our trailers have easy to use special cold room door lock levers with internal safety opening and twin doors with sturdy stainless steel hinges for on-site security.  All doors are lockable and all external edges are covered by heavy duty anodised aluminium for extra protection.

All trailers are supplied with the required power cables for connection to a standard domestic 13a electrical socket within 15m of the trailer's position or, if required, the trailer can be powered by a standalone generator (min 5KVa). We have built a reputation based on providing quality equipment supported by exceptional quality standards so it goes without saying that all trailers and ancillary equipment are well maintained and cleaned to the very highest standards. 

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Chiller Trailer
Freeze Liner Range of Freezer Trailers from Woermann

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