Introducing The New IceBox ThermoBox Range

The perfect solution for temperature controlled food transportation and storage.

The Deluxe ThermoBox is ideal for industries such as catering, logistics, pharmaceutical supplies, food package deliveries, fishing or ANYONE with a requirement to move products from A to B retaining the level of heat/chill.

The IceBox ThermoBox is made from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), an unbeatable and extremely reliable insulator which is commonly used in the automotive industry for impact protection, seating inserts and crash helmets. Despite its ultra-lightweight feel, this material is exceptionally robust - making it possible to reuse the ThermoBox over and over again.

Highly resistant to water and chemicals, EPP is easy to clean allowing peace of mind that your storage is food safe.

All IceBox ThermoBoxes come with recessed ergonomic handles for easy movement, tight interlockable lids and stackable rims for easy storage and to space maximisation. They also accommodate a wide range of Gastronorm trays.

Click here for more information or call 0333 6000 800 to discuss your requirements for temperature controlled storage.

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