Need To Rent Mobile Refrigerated Storage?

Mobile refrigerated storage enables you to hold a social event anywhere. Whether it’s the middle of the countryside, a large back garden or the grounds of a hotel, you can keep your food fresh and tasty until it’s needed.

It is also highly useful for places like film sets, when you need to provide good quality food to your crew.

 Ice Box Rental provide mobile refrigeration to clients in a wide range of industries and for all sorts of social events, including weddings, parties and conferences.

We offer both chiller and freezers at excellent prices which are robust, dependable and easy to use.

No matter if you need to store meat and poultry or fruit and vegetables, our mobile refrigerated trailers will keep food at the perfect temperature. We offer a choice of different sized trailers and a quick and easy booking service.

Ice Box Rental strive to set the industry standard for mobile refrigeration, with our trailer hire also suitable for emergency situations. Our team will deliver your trailer to your site and collect it when it’s no longer required.

Our mobile refrigerated storage trailers also includes shelving or racking.

Posted: 09/04/2018

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