IceCube Contract Hire

IceBox is a specialist provider of solutions to meet your refrigerated static storage and transportation requirements. The IceCube range of temperature controlled mini-containers is available for contract hire and long term lease. The IceCube range spans units of 22 litre volume to 915 litres and offers top loading and front opening units. Chiller units, freezer units and heating units are available under contract hire and long term leasing arrangements.

​All IceCube units are maintained to the highest standard; as a professional and recognised rental brand, we are proud of our quality standards which leads to a high level of repeat business and word of mouth referrals. The regular rotation of our IceCube units in order to maintain a clean and fresh rental stock provides a constant supply of ex-demo and nearly new units for sale at very competitive prices.

Long Term Contract Hire

Our long term contract hire options are ideal for those who may need to hire for longer periods but who cannot warrant the outright purchase of a IceCube unit or who do not wish to be responsible for re-sell / disposal costs. Often long term hire can be the perfect alternative to outright purchase.

We specialise in providing long-term rental solutions to consumers and to businesses of all types and sizes from periods of 12 months onwards. We will deliver to your location and collect again once you’ve finished using the IceCube. Simply advise us of the type of IceCube required, the lease period required and we will provide a quotation accordingly. Should you require to keep the IceCube unit beyond that period, simply let us know and, subject to availability, we’ll extend the rental period and pro-rate the rental rate initially applied.

​With IceBox’s contract hire option, you get the benefit of low rental rates without the need to commit to lengthy contract periods over and above the period that you actually need the mini-container. This is the perfect solution for businesses that have seasonal peaks in business volumes. At the end of the contract period, you can either talk to us about extending your contract or arrange for the unit to be collected.

Some of the things to think about are:

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