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The flexible and cost effective solution for all small batch temperature controlled transportation and logistics requirements. 

Introducing the IceBox temperature controlled mini-container. Our "IceCube" is the flexible and cost effective solution to all your small batch temperature controlled transportation and logistics requirements.  


The IceCube mini-container range consists of professional refrigerated isothermal containers for the transport of food, medicines, biological substances and chemical products, sourced from leading isothermal designers and manufacturers across Europe. These professional mobile refrigerators guarantee perfect thermal insulation and stable temperature conditions with the lowest energy consumption.

IceCube mini-containers are self contained units which house an inbuilt compressor and condenser within the container box. They are easily installed within a vehicle and only require a 12V / 24V connection but many are also equipped with a 110V / 230V capability.

The units range in size from the smaller 22 litre models, through the popular mid size 140 litre and 330 litre units to the much larger 720 litre and 915 litre models ensuring that there is a IceCube suitable for all uses. With temperature capability ranging from -30 degrees Centigrade to +40 degrees centigrade, they are available as chill only, chill / heat and chill / freeze. All units are ATP approved and equipped with a digital temperature controller to allow easy setting of the required internal temperature and control of the true internal temperature.

The flexibility provided by ease of transfer-ability from vehicle to vehicle is just one of the many benefits of the IceCube range of temperature controlled mini-containers. The IceCube units are ideal for those professional users who may not be able to justify the expense, or perhaps don't require a fully dedicated refrigerated vehicle. They also offer the perfect solution to those requiring a dual-temperature transportation facility; use an IceCube mini-container to provide the 'freezer storage facility' within your chiller only refrigerated van (or vice versa).

The IceCube is aimed at those requiring small batch or sample transportation at a controlled temperature. If you're involved in the transportation of food, medicines or pharmaceutical products, water or blood samples or any other temperature critical transportation requirement, IceCube from IceBox is the flexible, convenient and cost effective solution.​

Applications Include: 

  • Food transportation

  • Temperature critical storage

  • Pharmaceutical and medical

  • Sample transportation

  • Temperature controlled transport

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