Hire A Refrigerated Trailer In Bedfordshire

Need to hire a refrigerated trailer this summer and based in Bedfordshire?

Part of the joy of summer is enjoying eating food outdoors. Freshly prepared food is an important part of any event whether it’s a music festival, wedding, university or corporate party.

IceBox Rental make it easier than ever to hire a refrigerated trailer that serves your catering needs.

Icebox Rental work with a wide range of clients all over the UK, including Bedfordshire, looking to hire a quality refrigerated trailer for the most competitive prices. 

We have both medium chiller trailers (8 feet/2.4 metres) along with large chiller trailers and freezer trailers (10 feet/3.0 metres).

All our trailers are maintained to the highest possible standards and ready for any event in Bedfordshire this summer.

IceBox Rental regularly help all kinds of companies from catering firms and event management companies to hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets. Whether you’re organising a large scale outdoor concert or a local fair this summer, our rental hire periods can span from one weekend to months or years.

We have a lease facility for longer term rentals and our team can deliver your trailer, lock it in place and then collect it at the end of your rental period, therefore making the whole process as easy as possible.

For more about hiring one of our trailers, simply get in touch today.

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Posted: 03/06/2019

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