Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size trailers can IceBox supply?

A. We can supply 8ft single axle chillers; 10ft twin axle chillers, 12ft twin axle chillers, 8ft single axle freezers and 10ft twin axle freezer trailers. Please refer to our Trailer Range page.

Q. Dimensions of IceBox trailers?

A. Please refer to our Trailer Range for dimensions and weights. 

Q. Do the trailers have shelves inside?

A. Shelving is optional.  We can provide shelving to one or both sides.

Q. What temperatures do the trailers operate at?

A. Chiller trailers can be set to temperatures between +2°c and +10°c.  Freezer trailers can be set to temperatures between -18°C and +10°C.  We ask for your preferred temperature as part of the booking arrangements and pre-set it whilst  preparing your trailer for delivery.  If you are uncertain, our driver will be happy to advise upon delivery, provided power is available.

Q. Will the trailer be ready to use when it is delivered?

A. We do not operate the refrigeration units while trailers are in transit so each trailer will require some time after being connected to power before it reaches working temperature.  That time will vary according to the temperature required and the weather on the day but around 1-2 hours is a reasonable allowance.  Our driver will be happy to advise.

Q. Can I hire an IceBox trailer and tow it myself?

A. Unfortunately not. IceBox contracts are for delivery to the location where the trailer will be used.  We leave the trailer fitted with a wheel clamp and hitch lock for security.  Our driver retains the security keys when the trailer is set up.

Q. Do I need level hardstanding for the IceBox trailer? 

A. IceBox trailers can be used on any stable surface including grass and gravel provide they have a firm base and are not going to sink.  All IceBox trailers are fitted with adjustable stabilising legs so your site does not need to be perfectly level.  IceBox use 4WD pickups to tow and site the trailers and our drivers are proud of their ability to rise to a challenge.  The safety of our drivers and members of the public cannot be compromised and therefore our drivers reserve the right to refuse to site a trailer on ground that they deem to be unfit for purpose or, in exceptional circumstances, to refuse delivery of a trailer where the site is inaccessible or where they or members of the public may be unnecessarily placed in danger. If you have any concerns regarding access or siting of the trailer, please call our team to discuss.

Q. What power supply is required to run the trailer?

A. IceBox Trailers can be powered either by a standard 13a wall socket or by a generator. We supply a 15m cable with a 16A c-form weatherproof plug together with an adaptor for use with a domestic 13amp socket. If powered by a generator, please remember that the trailer will only work while the generator is running and we recommend min 5Kva.

Q. Is there a light inside so I can use the trailer at night?

A. Yes, all IceBox trailers have an internal light, with an on/off switch, that operates as long as the trailer is connected to power.  Our driver will explain on delivery.

Q. Will my goods be secure in the trailer?

A. All IceBox trailers have doors that lock and our driver will leave a key when the trailer is delivered and set up. 

Q. What are your delivery & collection times?  Can I book an exact time?

A. IceBox offers deliveries 7 days a week. Delivery and collection slots are on an "AM" (08.00 to 12.30) or "PM"  (12.30 to 17.00) basis. Please note that we cannot book exact times as we cannot account for the affects of other jobs and/or traffic on our schedules. Special arrangements for earlier/later delivery/collection may be negotiable subject to driver availability.  

Q. Does Icebox sell refrigerated trailers?

A. Yes.  We will be pleased to quote for the supply of new trailers and frequently have good quality used trailers available, details for which may be found here on our website. 

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