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When investing in a refrigerated trailer, you don’t necessarily have to buy brand new to get quality storage.


At IceBox Rental, we have both new and used chiller / freezer trailers for sale at competitive prices, including those from leading German brand Wörmann. Thanks to our partnership with such a reputable supplier we can supply you with bespoke trailers when needed, so if you require a specific size or type of trailer, we can help.


These trailers come supplied with Govi Arktic refrigeration units. Govi Arktic are market leaders in the manufacture of refrigerates units specifically designed for temperature-controlled trailers.


As the sole UK agent for Wörmann trailers, we can offer highly competitive prices for this quality brand.


As market leading trailer manufacturers, Wörmann’s refrigerated trailers are specifically designed for the most effective cooling of perishable goods.  All panels in these trailers have class-leading transport grade insulation, with 60mm for chillers and 100mm for freezers.


Easy to use and to maintain, our freezer and chiller trailers are ideal for all sorts of businesses, from restaurants and cafes to events management companies. We also have a choice of accessories that include thermoboxes, plastic steps, polymer mats, wheel clamps and hitch locks.


With refrigerated trailers to meet a variety of requirements, it’s never been easier to purchase or hire.


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Posted: 09/03/2020

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