The IceBox ThermoBox range is manufactured in the UK and made from Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP) which is an excellent insulator and is often used in the automotive industry for impact protection.  
Deluxe Thermo Boxes

The IceBox ThermoBox range is tough and durable but also extremely lightweight and designed to be reuseable after transportation. Such qualities make ThermoBoxes suitable for any kind of hot or cold catering and ensures that they are robust enough to be reused over and over again. Whether you're catering for small or large events, weddings, hospitals or schools or corporate functions, IceBox will have a ThermoBox to meet your requirements. ThermoBox insulation can be relied upon to transport your food products from kitchen to consumer, maintaining a stable temperature and food quality throughout the process.

All IceBox ThermoBoxes come with recessed ergonomic handles for easy movement, tight lids and stackable rims for easy storage and to maximise available space. They also accommodate a wide range of Gastronorm trays.



  • Fully Washable 

  • Food Safe

  • Non-Toxic & Hygienic

  • Does Not Harbour Germs


Used in Infection Sensitive Environments, EPP has a presentable and professional material finish which is ideal for many catering applications including: 


Combine the boxes with a cooling medium like an ice sheet and food is kept fresh for up to 48hrs.

  • Hot or Cold Catering

  • Food Retailers

  • Events and Festivals Deliveries

  • Food Transit

  • Door to Door Deliveries

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Meat, Veg and Fruit

  • Farmers Markets

  • Food Wholesalers

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

  • ​Pet Industry

  • Sport / Leisure

  • Lunch Box Storage for Schools

  • For Picnics and Drinks Coolers

  • Supermarket Shopping Boxes

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