Buy Used Fridge Trailers at Competitive Prices

Is your company thinking of investing in a fridge trailer? Whether you work in events management, catering or kitchen management, IceBox Rental has new or used fridge and chiller trailers available.


Our used refrigerated trailers at IceBox Rental have been maintained to the highest possible standards. Available at competitive prices, you can rest assured they have been serviced regularly by a professionally qualified refrigeration engineer.


IceBox Rental are the sole UK agents for Wörmann Trailers, a German brand that delivers exceptional quality.


Established in 1964, this brand of fridge trailers is dedicated to producing innovative and reliable chiller and freezer storage. Their trailers are ideal for keeping perishable goods such as meat, sausage, cheese and drinks cool and fresh.


IceBox Rental can offer various finance packages for companies looking to invest in fridge or chiller trailers. We make applying for this type of finance quick and easy. Whatever your budget, we will work hard to find the best trailer for your requirements. We currently have a sale on two of our used trailers.


Alternatively, we make it easy and affordable to hire a fridge or chiller trailer on a short-term or long-term basis.


For more information on buying a trailer, simply contact our friendly team. Or explore our latest range on our website today.

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Posted: 10/02/2020

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