Festivals, weddings, university balls, college proms, outdoor parties and anything in between are events that will be set during the height of summer. Our services at Ice Box Rental are chosen and selected to offer support to events just like this – keeping food fresh, drinks cold and guests happy.

Our professional refrigerated trailer hire services across Buckinghamshire are chosen and trusted by both private and public sectors for their various events which offer a range of benefits. We have chillers, refrigerators and freezers for hire that will offer you great value for money, flexible rental periods, helpful advice and additional services throughout the whole process.

When you are tasked with organising an event, you will want to find the best solutions. Cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability will be the three main features you look for and this is something that runs through our chiller and refrigerator trailer hire in Buckinghamshire.

What types of refrigerator trailers are available for hire in Buckinghamshire?

Our team at Ice Box Rental have been offering the latest chillers, refrigerators and freezers for events across the county – all of which are at most 24 months old. You can be sure of receiving a top-of-the-range product which can help to upgrade your ability to produce drinks, sell food and maintain a happy atmosphere at your event.

We offer three different types of chiller trailer hire which are:

8ft / 2.4m (Medium) chiller trailer

10ft / 3.0m (Large) chiller trailer

10ft / 3.0m (Large) freezer trailer

These are perfect for any outdoor event through the summer. Whether you’re a company searching to improve your performance at an event or you’re looking to organise one area of your wedding day, our chiller and freezer trailer hire could be ideal.

Why choose Ice Box Rental for refrigerated trailer hire in Buckinghamshire?

We are a team with over 50 years of experience in the sector. Our ability to evolve with the changing needs of our customers has allowed us to continue offering the highest quality trailers for hire across Buckinghamshire.

From the formulative steps where you are weighing up the hire period, price and needs of your event through to the delivery and pick-up of your trailer, we will guide you through every stage.

On top of our refrigerated trailer hire services in Buckinghamshire we are also a trusted provider seller of new and used trailers in the UK. Offering you the ultimate cost-effective and affordable investment for your summer events, our top-quality trailers and refrigeration could be just what you are looking for.

If you would like to see how our team at Ice Box Rental can help you make a decision and deliver a high-quality chiller or freezer trailer to your venue, speak with our professionals today.

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