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How to organise your commercial freezer trailer for a busy kitchen

When you are running a kitchen in a busy environment such as an event, wedding or simply a popular restaurant or cafe, it becomes even more essential to organise your commercial freezer trailer. Save space, time and be more efficient. 

Portion Size

Organising your food based on portion size can make a huge difference to the speed at which you can plate or box it up and get it out to your customers. Portioning your food into the exact sizes beforehand saves you immense amounts of time when serving in a busy environment.

Portion sizing can also help all the staff working for you. Both you and them will not have to consider if they are giving too much or too little, instantly taking one job off your hands and giving you less to worry about on the day. 


Containers come in all shapes and sizes. From your generic plastic sealed bags to Tupperware and milk crates, finding the best container solution can be a challenge. 

We always suggest that you find something reusable, even if it is more expensive in the short-term, it will save you money and help save the environment.

Sealed plastic bags can be great for space-saving, especially if you vacuum seal them. Although they are reusable, they will deteriorate substantially faster than a sturdy box, and when the food is not frozen, they can run the risk of damaging what is inside if it is heavily stacked. They are easily replaced but can split if you are too vigorous with them. 

Tupperware style boxes will keep your food stored safely and are easy to access. As the portions reduce, however, space does not change. This means that if you plan to refill or switch foods from breakfast to lunch, etc., it may be more challenging to make those switches with the space remaining. 

Clear containers should always be used just in case your labels fall off, and you need to see what’s in the container and quickly. 


Labelling your food is essential. Not only can it be challenging to find what you are looking for in a hurry when everything is frozen or stacked, but for multi-day events having a date on your produce is necessary. Even if you have the time to open the lids and check, frozen foods will not produce much aroma. Similar-looking foods can be easy to mix up. If some of the same dishes do and do not contain potential allergy issues, for instance, food that does contain nuts and you wish to offer the same without. 

If you are not portioning your food, it may be helpful to include the weight of the food and update it as it gets used. That way, you know exactly how much you have remaining and if it is enough for a single portion.

Food categories

Mixing your meat, veg, fish, and potential allergy-causing ingredients can be incredibly detrimental and dangerous. Splitting your foods into the correct categories will help you to ensure maximum food safety. Not only can you rest more easily knowing that you have created safe spaces and locations for food, but having each type of product in its area can make it considerably faster to find should you hit a rush period. 

Always remember that preprepared food items should be stored above raw meat, seafood and dairy products. Should the raw products leak, then it could ruin all of the other food below it. 

In Conclusion

Following these handy tips will ensure that you not only get the maximum space from your commercial freezer trailer but you will also have the speediest and safest ways to access all of your food ingredients. Organisation is critical to a well-running kitchen, no matter what type of kitchen it is. Events can be notoriously busy, especially with festivals reopening this year. Weddings can be a nerve-wracking experience for the bride and groom. Being organised and understanding the speed at which everything needs to be produced can take a huge load off their minds and ensure great reviews of your service. 

If you wonder what the difference between taking a regular fridge or a commercial fridge to your event, read this article. Commercial fridges and freezers are built for a lot of door opening and closing. A regular fridge/freezer can potentially struggle to keep the temperature low enough to keep your foods at safety standard. For a long day in the summer sun, that could be a game-changer. 

If the temperature of your freezer drops too much, your food will quickly become spoiled and potentially accumulate harmful bacteria. Hiring a commercial fridge trailer, not only gives you substantially more space but they are built with safety in mind.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us for a chat about your refrigeration requirements.