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Commercial Refrigeration and Domestic – What’s the Difference?

It can be a difficult decision to make when you are planning an event or thinking about your commercial refrigeration requirements when starting a business. Do you just go to a department store and pick up a cheap fridge that will hopefully keep your food safe for a day, or longer, or do you need to purchase/hire a more professional option? 

The difference between a commercial refrigeration and a domestic fridge is somewhat substantial. But do not fret, we are here to hopefully answer your questions and make that decision-making process easier. 

Opening and Closing

This is one of the first questions we would ask. How often will you be opening and closing your fridge or freezer? 

Commercial refrigeration – With their high powered compressors and fans, commercial fridges are built for increased traffic. Opening and closing the doors will not make much difference to the temperature, and the food stored inside will be considerably safer.

Domestic Fridge – Domestic refrigerators are built on the pretence that they will not be opened all the time. Domestic fridges will do a fine job of keeping your food fresh as long as they are not overused. 

Build of a Commercial Fridge

Is your fridge going to last? 

Commercial Fridge – Commercial refrigerators are built to withstand a busy kitchen or business. They are considerably sturdier than a domestic fridge.

Domestic Fridge – If you are constantly opening and closing a domestic built fridge’s doors, you may find that wear and tear becomes a problem quite quickly. 

Commercial refrigeration

Food Stacking in Commercial Refrigeration

Can you have too much food in your fridge?

Commercial Fridge – With its high powered fans and compressors, as mentioned above, a commercial fridge can hold a lot more food in it without complications. This means you can stack food and be prepared for busy periods without worrying that it will affect your fridge’s temperature. 

Domestic Fridge – If you stack too much food in a domestic fridge, you may find that parts of it may become warmer than others. This means that some foods, which are farthest away from the compressor and fan, may decompose considerably faster than the rest. In addition to this, it can also overload your refrigerator’s condenser, which can lead to burning out. 

Commercial refrigeration

When it comes to choosing whether to buy or hire a refrigerated trailer or refrigerated van for your event, wedding or other commercial requirements, knowing that everything is of a professional standard will give you peace of mind. 

We hope that this small checklist has helped you decide and understand your needs a little better. However, if you still have more questions or concerns about what you need to do, please contact our experts who will be glad to help you.